Thursday, September 1, 2011

girl's just want to have fun

Carol hosted our August Girl's Night and we had a blast! Isn't it great how the most fun you can have is just hanging out with your besties? We started the night off with some Pizza Hut deliciousness and some Hershey's and Reese's pies! Yum! For our activity this month we were inspired by our new obsession... Pinterest! For all you Pinterest lovers out there, you know all the cute hairstyles we all pin all the time? We got together and tried new fun "do's"! Some of them were dont's because their difficulty level was a little higher than our experience but we left with;

Debbie's hair looking gorgeous from a cute double-french braid-half up/half down-wavy ends hair style that Kasey mostly did:

Carol also had a cute sideways in the back braid inspired by:

Kasey gave me a Utah pouf (only the cute kind with enough volume to look cute but sans any rats nest or square head).

Kasey had a cute twist/fishtail braid do that Debbie gave her which looked super cute! I believe it was inspired by this:

We also played photographer to get a few cute preggo pics of Mrs. Caroly who will be having a cute baby boy so soon it doesn't even seem real! Here are my artsy tries at maternity pics (please note I am not a photographer and my fancy equipment includes my point and shooter):


Laurel Marsh said...


Debbie said...

Hey that last pic turned out really good. I want to see the rest of them!

Nick and Carol said...

hey that pic did turn out good!! prob b/c my face isn't in it so i can't criticize myself too bad;)haha i would like to see some more as well:)