Friday, August 26, 2011


Not Couture.

Have you watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead yet? If not, watch it! It is on instant view on Netflix.

A little over a month ago I watched the documentary on a whim during one of my nights of insomnia. (A teeny overview... seriously though... watch it: A rich Australian man is over-weight and has an immune disease. To make a drastic change he comes for a long visit here to the States and decides to go on an all juice fast for 60-days. He is closely supervised by doctors and they tell you all the wonderful reasons why juicing is more nutritional than eating fruits and veggies whole. Basically you gets all the nutrients a lot easier and faster because you would have to eat a butt-load of stuff to be able to eat as much nutrients as you can get just from the juice of fruits and veggies. Think of it as a salad espresso shot.) They day after watching it, before mentioning anything about it at all, my mom called to tell me I should watch it. It had an impact on all of us. Even if you aren't totally intrigued to toss all your processed food and start sipping all of your meals, this documentary still is a great way to make you think about what you are eating without making you feel like crap like I did after watching Super-Size Me.

My parents went out an bought a juicer right away. They have been juicing quite a bit for the last month. I also have a friend who finished a 30-day total juice fast and LOVED it.

Today I finally got a juicer!

It isn't the fancy Breville that my parents and Summer got but it was $89.00 at Costco and it seems to work great so far. If anything happens to it Costco is pretty awesome at returning anything... whenever. I figure if Jack LaLanne and his juicer can be one of the top infomercials for so long, it has to work decent, right?!?!

We've had the juicer for about 5 hours or so now and I've already made 3 juices. Now Chad isn't a super picky eater but you should have seen his face after the kale+spinach+parsley+cilantro+serrano pepper juice I first made. Priceless! Our new motto? "If You Don't Love It, Chug It!" Later we made carrot juice and then granny smith apple juice. Both of the latter were seriously delicious. The first was... healthy! At this point I am not committing to a full juice fast quite yet but I am committing to two juice meals a day and watching what I eat for dinner. Wish me luck!

P.S. Juice Rocks! Have you seen the film? Would you ever consider a juice fast or do you think we are all crazy? :)


Geo said...

I watched that movie recently and have friended both the guys from the film on Facebook. I am seriously considering making September my juice fast month. We should compare notes. I've made a few killer juices, and have a few recipe books...

Chad and Elizabeth said...

I also got a big recipe book with my blender that I would love to share! Maybe we can help cheer each other on! I'd love to visit about it with you soon!

Vicky said...

Definitely something that will open up your eyes!

Meagan and Sean said...

The Juicy-not couture comment...hilarious. Also hilarious, OH KALE NO! I am totally going to say that! That's awesome! I just love you and miss you! Hope all is well!